Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate to the List screen from Shopping Class screen and press inside "Add+" button,  you will be prompted with popup. Here you can add your wish item in 3 ways, 

No sorry, you wouldn't be allowed to add same item multiple times to the same list.Because we don't want to confuse you by adding the duplicate items to list and eventually encourage to waste your money by re-buying the same items from list.

Each time when you add a new time the list, you will have an blue outlined radio button called "Done?".When you have completed shopping your items from the list, you can always mark those items as shopping completed by simply pressing "Done". This will turn on the button icon into Green colour which means these marked items in the list are already been bought.

Yes, when you add a new item to the list along with the item details you will have an "Star" button in non-filled status. If you think that this item or any other item which are already been added to the list are very important then feel free to press on the relevant "Star" button for each those items which indicates that these items are all top priority items which is needed asap. For example, you have added around 20 items to the list and out which you can highlight specific set of items to be marked as "Stared" items. They will be auto sorted and displayed at top of the list by our "iSort" mechanism.

Yes you can delete one or more items from the shopping wish list by long pressing the item where Deletion option will be displayed. When it's press and confirmation popup for deletion will be prompted, upon confirming it will remove from the list else it will be retained.

Yes you can always clear your shopping wish list by pressing the "Clear" button.  Make sure that Clear from All list will remove the list of items across all the classes whereas Clear from specific class will remove the list only specific to that class and it will be reflected in All list.

You can always follow our social network pages (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) so that you will be treated as our Pride and Premium Class customers who are always placed at the top priority when it comes release of new updates/features of tecBeing.

Please always feel free to write a mail to "saivishnu@tecbeing.com" about your clarifications or your most valuable feedbacks. Adding to this, you connect with us through our social networking pages.  We will always try revert back to you at earliest as possible.

First of all, we would like share our sincere gratitude to you for having wish to recommend us to your friends and family. To recommend us, you can share our invite message via Whatsapp by pressing "Share Invite" button from our Settings screen. Adding to this, you can recommend our social pages as well.