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“There is only one thing that you write for yourself, and that is a shopping list.” ― Umberto Eco

As the quote says, writing our shopping wish list in a paper or remembering it is difficult in our today's fast moving life. Even if we write in a paper or notebook, carrying it with our self always is not possible. But a Mobile is something which is always with us now a days. What if our mobile keeps remembering all our shopping wish list and keep us away from the pressure remembering.

Yes ! That's where our tecBeing act like a smart buddy that keeps remembering of your shopping wish list forever.

tecBeing » 'tec' stands for 'Technology' & 'Being' stands for 'Life' 

Here Being is extracted from the word "HumanBeing", with this, we convey that we are going to embrace our Human Being's Life more easy and interesting using Technology and that's why we call our self as tecBeing .

Prime Benefits of using tecBeing: